Add a video message to any gift card bought in Carrefour Belgium

  • 16/12/2019

Livstick is now in all of Carrefour’s 800+ Belgian stores! That means that any gift card bought in Carrefour (#Carrefour, #Ikea, #Google, #Netflix, #Zalando among others) can be personalised as you wish with your very own personal video message.

Next to your favourite gift card, just take a free LIVSTICK envelope in which you can nicely insert the gift card purchased. On that envelope, you will find a unique (QR) Code. Scan it with your smartphone to record a personal and private video message that will accompany your gift.

An easy, fun, and original way to personalise your gift. When your gift card will be offered, your loved one will just have to scan the QR Code on the envelope to discover the beautiful message you have made specially for them…

For gifts that last, trust LIVSTICK