Add a video message to your CLOS19.COM gift

  • 09/02/2019

CLOS19.COM is the place of reference when it comes to experiencing and learning about the finest champagne, wine and spirits houses from the LVMH Group . 

So next time you are in dire need of some gift inspo, CLOS19.COM  might be your best option. Not only will you be offering the finest products, but you’ll also be able to add to your gift a personal and private video message.

With CLOS19.COM and the Livstick, bring your gift to a new level of emotion and personnalisation.

At the end of your purchase, you’ll have the possibility to record or upload a personal video message. Instructions will then be added to your gift so that your message can be discovered at the right time, with your surprise.

So with the Livstick, it’s like offering 2 gifts in one.