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A gift is always a message.
It means “I love you”, “Happy birthday”, "Congratulation", “Thank you”...

It is a message to a very special one. So there is usually a written note, attached to the gift. But what if that note could be a personal video message? Instead of writing your message, why don’t you say it?

That is the promise of the Livstick. Stick some live content to your gift.

How does it work?

Each Livstick is in essence a Code, (simple alphanumerical code or QR Code or NFC Chip). When you use it for the first time, you will get to a setup page where you can create your message. It can be a video or a picture that you can record on the spot or choose from your current digital library. Enter also your email address so that you get notified when your message is read (and so that you can modify it if needed) … and that’s it. When the Livstick code will be used again, your message will appear. With the Livstick, you’ll make the right impression… yourself.

For the brands and the corporate clients, the Livstick can be part of your products in many different ways.

A card
A sticker
A gift card
A charm

It can be a sticker, a card or even a “goodie” (offered or sold) attached to your products. But it could also be directly printed on the object you sale. For exemple, you could print our codes on the back of your gift cards or on your packaging. It could also be printed “on demand” on the purchase receipt you give to your customers.


A new service for your customers

The Livstick is a new added value service for your customers. It will allow them to personalize their gifts in a fun and easy way.


Additional brand exposure

Your brand will be exposed and pushed during the recording phase.
Also, it will be displayed at every viewing, since the recorded message will be played in a taylored interface. Finally, before any viewing, we can insert for a few seconds an intermediary screen where you could communicate and insert advertising.

Data capture

The Livstick required the recorder of the message to enter his email address so that he can get notified when the Livstick will be read. Furthermore, the person that will receive the gift can also respond with a message. In that case, we would also capture a second email address. Finally, all the viewing/scans of our Livstick are logged and geo-located. And all those data element (and more) will be yours.


On-line purchase

Our technology is ideal for online purchasing. Our Codes can be activated remotely, without the need of actually having/seeing the Code. An online buyer will therefore be able to add a personal video message to his gift, right from his device.

Our offer

Thanks to our software platform, we can provide you with a turn key solution that includes:

User Interace


A taylored user interface using your logo, to promote your brand
during both the recording and the viewing experience

User Interace


All data captured, including email addresses and a log of all the scans (geo-located)

User Interace


The Livstick can either take the shape of a physical product (stickers, cards, goodies) or .PNG
files that you would print on your products/packages.(stickers, cards, goodies) or .PNG files that you would print on your products/packages.

User Interace


Also, we can give you access to our “web services” for a smoother
integration with your I.T infrastructure and processes.


They trust us

Add a personal video message to your Cadostore gift card

With the Livstick and the gift cards Cadostore, offer more than a simple gift card

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Add a personal video message to the CONFORAMA gift card

CONFORMA has chosen the LIVSTICK to enrich the customer experience for its gift cards. When you offer a CONFORMA gift card, you can now add “ON THE GIFT CARD” a personal and private message. Just scan the unique QR Code on the gift card and record your personal message that can be a video, a picture or a simple text. When the person receiving the gift card will scan the QR Code again, your message will simply appear. That’s it! With the LIVSTICK, offer more than just a gift card.

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Add a personal video message on the CULTURA gift cards

CULTURA has decided to add the LIVSTICK on their gift cards. When you buy one, you can now scan its unique QR Code and add a personal and private video message for the person to whom you’ll be offering the gift card.

Add a personal video message to the DECATHLON gift card that you are offering

With the DECATHLON gift cards, you can now add a personal and private video message to the gift card you’re offering.
Thanks to DYNAMICARD, DECATHLON proposes now the LIVSTICK on its gift cards. For now, this operation is limited to the Christmas gift cards sold in France, Belgium, England, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland and Spain.

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For Mother's Day, the GALERIES LAFAYETTE trusted the Livstick. When you make a gift to your mother, make sure you ask for your Livstick card and add your personal and private love message for your mother on the gift. It will make it even more memorable..:-)

Add a personal video message to your gift

With Histoire d'Or, create the surprise and offer more than a jewel. When you make a purchase, you’ll be offered a nice little card with a unique QR Code on it. Scan it and record a personal video message…and add the card to your gift. When scanned again, your video will be displayed. That’s it! With Histoire d'Or and the Liv’Stick, offer more than a jewel…

Add a personal and private video message to your Nature & Découvertes gift card

With the Livstick, you can now customize your Nature & Decouvertes gift card, by adding "on the card", a personal and private video message.

Add a personal video message on a bottle of wine

When you buy a bottle of wine at NICOLAS, for a gift, you can now add a personal video message ON THE BOTTLE for the person to whom you will be offering the bottle. Just ask for the Livstick, it is a unique sticker that you'll put on the bottle...Scan it, and record your video.

Add a video message on your Sephora gift card

With the Livstick, you can now add a personal and private video message to your Sephora Gift Card

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Find your answer

There are many applications which read QR Codes (all free). We’ve tested several and we recommend I-NIGMA (available on the iPhone Appstore, Android Market or at Just start I-Nigma and bring your phone’s camera close to the QR Code, as if you want to take a picture. Within seconds, the QR Code will be “translated” and your phone will launch your navigator and take you to the right web page.
A QR Code is a bar code, like the “regular” one you see on all products you buy, but slightly different. First, it is a 2 dimensional code as it has a square shape. Also, it can be very easily and quickly decoded by any smartphone (QR stands for Quick Response). Finally, a QR Code can “contain” a lot more useful information than the traditional 1.D bar code. In our case, they will link to some digital content stored on the web.
When you first flash our product, you will be prompted to enter your email address. There are two reasons for that. First, we will send you an email (just after the recording of your message) with a link so that you can modify your message if necessary. Also, we will send you an other email when your message will be first viewed.
In the case of our Liv’Stick, our QR Code can contain a video, a photo or just a regular text message. Note that all those files are stored on our secure server and are private. They can only be viewed when the QR Code is scaned.
Check your spam filter, sometimes our emails end up there. We’re working hard on changing this.


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