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Personalise your gift with a video message
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A gift is always a message...

… and our mission is to make sure it’s always heard. The Livstick gives your consumers the possibility to enhance the gifting experience by adding a personal and private video message to the object purchased. So with the Livstick, it’s like offering 2 gifts in one.

Some of our clients

Why should your brand offer the Livstick ?

Emotional marketing

Brands and retailers constantly attempt to include emotional marketing in their strategy. Every purchase should be remembered, shared and reiterated. This it what the Livstick delivers.

Mass customization

We want our favorite soda bottle with our first name on it and our sneakers to be unique. The Livstick enables a multi-sensory personalisation of each and every purchase.

Big data & A.I.

Our service captures email addresses, detailed user information and complex emotional consumer behaviour while being of course fully GDPR compliant.

What are the benefits ?

Enhanced customer experience

The Livstick provides your customers with a unique and original way to amplify the emotion of their gifts, by adding to it their own voice and image.

Data capture

With the Livstick you capture the email address of the buyer of the gift and much more, while of course remaining fully compliant with the latest GDPR rules.

Brand exposure

The Livstick will promote your brand as every message will always be viewed in a tailored interface with your logo and colours.

Gift personnalisation

The Livstick enables the person offering a gift to add a personal and private video message to it. This is especially relevant when the offering party is not physically hand giving the gift. Otherwise, it’s still a personal touch that will definitely enhance the gesture. The object offered now becomes unique as it carries your live message.

Emotion amplified

Your daughter just offered you a book for your birthday. She signed it on the back cover. That’s sweet. But imagine if on the book, you had access to a live video of your daughter telling you with her own voice and face how much she loves you ? That book would become quite unique, no ?

How does it work ?

The Livstick is a personalised message (video, picture or text) tied to a unique code. That code can be a simple alphanumeric code, a QR Code, a NFC chip or an image. Each code is linked to a possible message. When first used (by the offering party), the user will access our recording interface where he/she will be able to create or upload a video/picture message. When that code will be accessed again (by the receiving party), the recorded message will simply be displayed… That’s it!

Use case

  • Gift cards: personalise what could be perceived as an impersonal gift
  • Gifts bought online: add your voice to a gift that will be shipped directly to its beneficiary
  • Gifts bought in store: though you will personally deliver your gift, make sure your message is  heard.
  • Packages: sometimes, the package itself is part of the object offered. Have your message attached to it.

The codes

Depending on your needs, we can either use “our” codes or “your” codes.

  • We can create for you, unique codes to be printed on the support of your choice (gift card, paper card, packaging, goodies…).
  • Or we can use your codes, (ID number of your gift card, an order/transaction/invoice number, or the unique serial number of the product you sell)

What we do

The Livstick is a turnkey solution where we do most of the work. Your time (and the time of your IT department) is a very limited resource and we understand that. We will:

  • Design, create and host the landing page (the gateway to the Livstick experience)
  • Design a tailored interface for the recording and viewing experience
  • Host all recorded contents, with no time limit
  • Provide you with monthly statistics
  • Give you access to our back office
  • Create a “promotional” video that explains the service so that you can use it internally and push it on your social media.

Your role

The Livstick is a new service and while you have little to do to make it available to your clients, your part is key. You need to communicate both internally and externally to make sure the service is known by your clients and your staff. That may include some instore display, some posts on your social media, some exposure on your web site… but here again, we will help.

Back Office

Every client has access to our back office. It allows you to:

  • look at real time data such as the number of messages recorded and viewed
  • export data to excel for additional analytics purposes and integration to your CRM
  • provide your customers with first maintenance support options such as reseting a use code,  deleting its content, modifying a wrongly typed email address or resending the activation email

Our pricing

We recognise that in today’s environment, any marketing operation needs to show a decent R.O.I to be justified. Though we believe that the Livstick is above all, a way to enhance customer experience, we have built our pricing structure to fully reflect your need for a strong return.

Therefore, the cost of our solution has 2 components:

  • A one time setup fee
  • A variable part per recorded message.


The Livstick can also be deeply integrated into your own IT infrastructure, be it your web site and/or your CRM database. We have a collection of web services that we will be happy to give you access to. They are easy to use and yet extremely powerful so that the Livstick experience can become completely transparent for your website visitors and that all data collected gets transferred to you in real time.

About our platform

The Livstick is hosted on the Google Cloud (
The same infrastructure that runs Google apps runs our platform. Google’s global network footprint, with over 75 points-of-presence across more than 33 countries, ensures you receive the same low latency and responsiveness customers expect from Google’s own services. Recognized as some of the most energy efficient and secure in the world, Google’s decade of data center innovation is at work for you.
For additional information, you may want to check the following links:

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Our partners

We are often working with partners (and are always looking for new ones) to sell, integrate, implement and support our solution. Our network of integrators is key to us as our ambition is worldwide but our ressources are limited. Plus, we see ourselves as a tech company and we all know it takes more than just technology for a project to become successful. This requires efficient internal and external communication,  cultural and technical integration  that a trusted and local partner can bring to the table. Of course, revenues sharing schemes can be established.

Gift card Manufacturers

Gift card manufacturers are natural partners for us, as the Livstick is often added to gift cards. We work with many of them for a smooth integration of our solution on the cards they manufacture for our common clients.


There are many consultants in the gifting industry. They have a deep knowledge of issues and challenges that brands have to deal with. We love to work with them as they are key to put in context our solution and implementing it best so that it delivers the promised value.

Advertising / Digital Agencies

Brand and retailers work with advertising and digital agencies to develop web sites and digital strategies for customer retention and brand exposure. We love to work with them too. Our solution works best when it is fully integrated within the existing clients' website and processes.

You want to work with us? It’s our pleasure to show you in more detail what we can do, so do not hesitate to contact us. There are many things we can do together. We have marketing material we will be happy to share. We have a “branded” demo platform we can put at work for you and your customers … and so much more.

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About us

Who is Livstick?

Livstick is a trademark of the Meemento company. Meemento has been in business since 2011. Its purpose is to bring together the physical and digital world by enabling objects to «talk». That led to the birth of 2 specific brands/initiatives:

  • Flash Me : markets connected objects like wristbands, keychains, pins… in a B2C environment
  • Livstick: enables retailers and brands to facilitate gifts’ personnalisation for their clients

Where are we?

Livstick – Meemento
13 Bis Avenue de la Motte-Picquet
75007 Paris, France

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