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A gift is always a message. Beyond the object itself, it expresses a message.

"Thank you", "Happy Birthday", "Congratulations", "Merry Christmas", "I love you"... And yet, that message is often unheard, lost, or forgotten. The Livstick is a solution to customise a gift. It bridges the physical and digital world, the bytes and the atoms. The Livstick allows its user to link a digital video message to a physical support.

With The Livstick, we offer your consumers the possibility to associate a personal and private video message for the beneficiary of the gift. Hence, The Livstick allows the enhancement and longevity of the emotion accompanying the gift.

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Omni Chanel
Available for IN STORE purchases and ONLINE sales
Multi device
Works on mobile and desktop, on IOS and Android
Multi language
Chinese, Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai…and more

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