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About us

Livstick is the ultimate tool for brands looking to enhance their gifting, product, customer experience through the power of video messages.

Our story

Welcome to Livstick – a solution that delivers emotion and connection through the power of personal video messages. 


Our journey began in Paris in 2012 when our founder was amazed to see how social networks were used more and more to communicate personal (and yet on global and open platform) messages through short videos. The idea emerged then with a simple yet ambitious mission: to add a more personal touch to modern communication. 


We noticed that in today’s digital age, gifts often come with quick notes that need to be written in limited space – have you ever tried to craft a good gift message in 50 characters or less? And, sometimes words and text just aren’t enough to convey the right emotion. We wanted to change this. 


At Livstick, we believe that personal connections are the key to building long-lasting relationships, and we want to make it easier than ever to connect with the people that matter most. Our solution allows you to easily record a video message that can be shared on a customizable, private platform – video messages between loved ones or from a business to a consumer. Our innovative technology is currently being used in a variety of ways such as gifing, customer case, product personalization, and more!


Since inception, Livstick has evolved far beyond its initial focus on gifting. Today, our video messaging platform offers a wide range of applications which can enhance and improve customer and product experiences.

We are international

Our UX is currently available in 20+ languages

We have customers on all continents, and users from 120+ countries


This number makes us very proud, and shows us that:

  • Our infrastructure is powerful enough to be accessed worldwide
  • Our UX is easy to use and intuitive across all languages and cultures.