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Customer Experience

Show appreciation to your clients and engage with them through personal video messages.

Be more personal in your communication

Livstick's video messaging platform is an effective way to make your Very Important Clients (VICs) feel valued and appreciated. You can also leverage our technology to capture User Generated Content such as video testimonials on your products and services.

Personal Shopper & VIC

Empower your sales team to connect directly with VICs through video messages included in a paper card and included with the client’s purchases.

Hotel Welcome Cards

Enable hospitality staff to record video messages welcoming special guests, and offering personalized recommendations for their stay.

Customer Engagement

Send a video message to potential or current customers that adds a human dimension to your brand voice. Think: Newsletters, sales quotes, pitch decks, etc.

UGC & Testimonials

Make it easier for your customers to access customer video product reviews (proven to boost conversion), and, after purchasing, to record and upload their own video reviews.


Surprise your audience

Adding video messages – in a context that usually doesn’t use video – will surprise your audience. It will stand out more clearly and is also more memorable.

Create connection

Consumers want to feel unique and respond best to more personalized messaging. You can take client relationships to a new level by engaging with them directly through custom video.

Add new channels

You can continually modify or add new messages for your clients with our technology. Whether it’s a printed card or customized tag, we create new channels for ongoing communication.


Livstick is super versatile and can be used in many different ways

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