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GDPR – Privacy per design

We collect, store and display messages (in the form of short videos, pictures and plain text messages) and email addresses. We do that on behalf of our customers (brand, retailers) for the benefit of their clients who use our solution.

Of course, we deeply care about the privacy of your data and are fully compliant with the latest RGPD legislation.

Here is a brief description of the procedures we have in place to ensure that your data remains highly protected as they should be.

What we collect

The minimum required for the Livstick to function efficiently is a message (video clip, picture or simple text) and an email address (the one of the person recording the message). But based on the specificity of the operation and our customers needs, we could collect more like for example, the name, first name of the person creating the message, the name, first name, email address of the person viewing the message… Also, the acceptance of our terms of use is of course required for the Livstick to work. But often, we will prompt our users with additional checkbox to capture (opt-in) their potential acceptance to receiving newsletter and having their data shared with partners. Again, accepting this, is completely optional. Finally, you should know that every access to our platform is logged. We capture the date/time of the access, the user agent of the device used, the language of the navigator and finally, the geolocation of the user. Regarding the geolocation, it is absolutely not detailed (like an address). We only track the country, the city and the zip code. Those information are based on the physical location of the IP relay used to connect.


The message itself is our “raison d’être” so there is no way to avoid capturing it, storing it, and displaying it when requested. As said before, we need at the very minimum the adresse email fo the person who created the message for 3 reasons. We need to send an email to the person who created a message to
allow him/her to modify the message recorded if needed
notify him/her when the message will be first viewed by its beneficiary
send him/her a “response message” of one has been recorded by the beneficiary of the primary message

What do we do with the data we collect

We share those data element with our clients (retailers and brands) for invoicing purposes, for analytics purposes and sometime for marketing purposes (for the users who have accepted through a clear opt-in to get their data shared).
We aggregate the data across our customers for analytics  and benchmark purposes, and to research and define best practices.
Occasionally, we record user’s session to “see” how our interface is perceived and used so that we can always improve it and make our user’s experience better.

What we do not do

We do not share nor show the content of the messages created
We do not resell the data we collect
We do not send newsletters

Where are the data ?

Our platform is currently hosted on the Google Cloud (https://cloud.google.com/) . Your data are located in a european based data center (https://cloud.google.com/about/locations/)

See for yourself what we have on you

This page show you what we store for a given, real code. This code contains a demo video that you can see by clicking here. Once you do, you will see that a new access has been added to the data we collect and you can see what we have captured.

Access, download, delete YOUR data

As a user (not a customer) of our service, you can have at all time an online access on ALL the data we have stored regarding your Livstick code. Not only will you be able to see what we have stored, but you’ll also have the possibility to download the data, to reset your code and to ask us to delete the data we’ve collected. To do that, you need to click here and enter both, your Livstick code AND the email address you’ve used to activate your code. You will then receive an email with a link to access your data and perform the activities described above.