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Livstick is the ultimate tool for brands looking to upgrade the gifting experience.


Livstick gives your customers a new, fresh way to boost the emotional impact of their gift with a personal, private video message.

In-Store and Online Gifting, Physical and E-Gifts Cards

Livstick is a versatile, flexible solution that can be used in many ways to enhance your brand’s gifting experience, whether it’s a gift card or purchase in your retail store or ecommerce shop.


Offer a custom-designed physical card with a unique QR code, allowing the Gifter to record a personal video message. The Giftee will scan the QR code and discover the message!
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Our widget is integrated into your site, and allows your customers to record or upload a video message straight from your checkout page.
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Gift Cards

Livstick can be easily added to both physical and digital gift cards.
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Emotion & Connection

Video messages make gifts even more human and meaningful, especially when gifts are not able to be given in person.

Customer Retention & Acquisition

You can capture useful data such as customer email addresses. You can also prompt the gift recipient to use Livstick and send a Thank You message back to the Gifter; this captures their email address, and provides an opportunity to convert gift recipients into new customers!

Increase Brand Exposure

Every message is viewed and shared within a custom interface designed with your company style guidelines (colors, logo, fonts, etc.). This highly-branded experience increases brand visibility and forges more lasting connections with prospects.


Livstick enables retail stores to offer a unique, personalized gift-giving option for your customers. 


Here’s how it works:
When a customer purchases a gift in your retail store, your sales associate can offer (or sell) them a paper card containing a unique QR code. The Gifter scans the QR code, and is prompted to upload or record a personal video message, which is saved to a private platform and linked to the unique QR code in the card. Then, when the card is given with the gift, the gift recipient scans that same QR code, discovers the message, and can view it as many times as they’d like.

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During checkout, your customer will have the option to check a box indicating that they would like to add a video message to their gift purchase. Thanks to our simple-to-implement widget, your customer will be prompted to record a message from within your site, before or after payment. The customer can choose if they’d like the video message to be sent via SMS, emailed to the gift recipient, included in a paper card, or added to your packing slip or packaging – all via a unique QR code.

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Gift cards

We can work directly with your gift card provider to add a unique QR code on the gift card itself or on its packaging. By scanning the QR Code, the Gifter will record a video message, and when offered, by scanning it again, the Giftee will discover the previously recorded message. 


The same technology works perfectly for e-gift cards. Our widget allows customers to add a video message to an e-gift card purchased online, which can be viewed through a unique QR Code added to the Gift voucher sent to its beneficiary.



Livstick is super versatile and can be used in many different ways

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