Adopt the Livstick on your merchant website!

We’re about to show you how you can easily adopt the Livstick solution in 3 simple steps.

  • Integrate the Livstick option within your existing shopping tunnel
  • Enable your gifters to record a video
  • Notify the giftee of their awaiting video

Additionally, we’ve created a live widget for you to experience the recording of the video message.

Of course, we’re always there to answer any questions you may have and you can reach us at

Thank you for your Order! You can now add your video message

To start recording your message, enter your email address (in the real world, it would be automatically passed to the widget as a parameter) and click on the START button


How it work?

1 Integrate the Livstick option within your existing shopping funnel

Within your existing gifting section (where the gifter can add a text message to its gift or change its box/bag), add an option for gifters to enhance their purchase by clicking a checkbox such as

“Do you want to add a video message to your Gift ?”

Store the response to then push a CTA to your customer to record their message. This data will also give you behavioural information on your customers.

If you do not have a specific gifting section in your website, the option can be proposed anywhere in your tunnel either before or after payment. Note that this step, though usually meant to enrich the gifter online’s experience and increase its awareness about the feature, is actually optional as some of our partners propose the option on all their orders after checkout by default.

2 Enable your gifters to record a video

There are three possible time points for your customers to record their message:

The recording of the video message can take place at 3 possible moments:

  • before payment
  • after payment
  • between the payment and delivery of the gift

For the latter, simply add a hyperlink to your confirmation email to allow the customer to record their message. This hyperlink (will give you the syntax in time) will take the Gifter to a tailored recording page, on the Livstick platform.

For the first two options, integrate our widget onto your website (technical documentation is of course available ). You can quickly find out what the experience would look like for your customers by using our widget (at the top of this page)!

3 Notify the giftee of their awaiting video

The only step left is now for the giftee to be notified of their video message awaiting them. Again, we offer two different options based on your requirements:

  • adding a text message on the PDF/Voucher sent, or on a paper card added to the gift package sent, saying “You have a message ! To discover it, just CLICK HERE or go to and type 12345678”
  • sending a text message or an email to the giftee, minutes after the physical delivery of the gift, that says: “you have just received a gift, it comes with a special message, CLICK HERE to discover it”

For the latter, our platform needs to be notified about your deliveries. That can be achieved either by you, the brand, passing us that information though one of our dedicated web service, or by us, being connected to your shipping partners and/or shipping tracking platforms.